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Dalai Lama joins Narmada Yatra in Madhya Pradesh, calls for conservation of rivers

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DEWAS: The ambitious Namami Devi Narmade campaign to conserve the Narmada river got a big boost when Dalai Lama arrived in Madhya Pradesh to participate in the Narmada Sewa Yatra.

The Tibetan spiritual leader reached Turnal in Dewas district in Western MP, where he was welcomed by a huge gathering.

Dalai Lama planted a sapling and gave a call to people to conserve rivers. Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan had personally welcomed Dalai Lama at Turnal. 

The Buddhist leader spoke at length about the importance of rivers. He lauded the efforts to safeguard the river (Narmada), which is considered lifeline of the region. He asked people to save water and ensure that water never gets wasted.

"We have to save trees, water, air, which we have inherited from our ancestors",  he said. Dalai Lama also said that India is a country where agriculture is the main occuption of the majority still lives in rural areas.

"Technical development is important but food, water and clean air for every person is more important.", he said, stressing on the need for conserving the nature. He gave personal examples to suggest how he saves water.

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During his address, he also said that women need to play a much more active role in development. "Women are more sensitive as compared to men. To make the world a better place, focus should be more on development of women."

Chief minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan informed him about the project to plant trees on the banks of the river. He also told Dalai Lama that liquor shops would not be allowed near the river banks.

Namami Devi Narmade Yatra, which is also known as Narmada Sewa Yatra, has been going on for over three months now. It has covered well over 2,000 kms in Madhya Pradesh, so far. Nearly 14 lakh people have taken a plege to conserve the river.