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Madhya Pradesh: Can't get yourself operated in the eye if you don't have Aadhar card

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BHOPAL/HARDA. Shocking it may seem but that's true. If you are going to get yourself operated for an eye ailment, do keep your Aadhar card along.

The State government has now made it mandatory for patients to have Aadhar number, which has to be mentioned at the time of admitting the patient.

Apart from the basic information about the person, the Aadhar is a must, as per a Health department communique.

The official order has been issued by the Directorate of Health Services. It clearly mentions that all the government ophthalmology units, government and private units along with non-governmental organisations working in eye care, need to take the Aadhar number of the patients in case of cataract operation.

This has been made mandatory. The letters have been sent from the directorate to all the districts. The letter cites a government of India letter. All the patients's name, documents and Adhar card, have to be kept in the record. The entry has to be made at the time of the operation.

One after the other, services are being brought under Aadhar. From banking to telecom, almost all the sectors are demanding Aadhar numbers from citizens. 

This is despite the Supreme Court decision that Aadhar can’t be made mandatory. Activists, social organizations have been fighting the extension of Aadhar. However, with health services also demanding the biometric record, it has gone a bit too far. The order says that Aadhar is required in case of all operations of the eye including cataract, glaucoma et al.