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Man who inserted bottles in wife's private parts, killed her, gets arrested

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BHOPAL: The man.who killed his wife and had shoved bottles into her private parts has been arrested.

The accused--Raja Ram Mewada, 45, had attacked his wife with stone on the head. What made the crime even more horrific was that he had inserted two glass bottles into her private parts.

 The incident had occurred in Ashoka Garden. The stench emanating from the portion of the house where the couple lived had alarmed residents.

When the police broke the door, the woman was found dead. Not only was the woman dead, there were glass bottles that had been inserted in her private parts.

The police found that Raja Ram had a row with his wife two days ago and the neighbours had then intervened. A police team caught him today.

During initial questioning, he told police that he had seen his wife talking to a neighbour and began to suspect her character. He was under the influence of liquor when he committed the crime.