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MP minister's objectionable comment on Valmiki angers community, later apologises 'hundred times'

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BHOPAL: Women and Child Development minister Archana Chitnis’ slip of tongue made Valmiki community furious following which the minister had to apologise to the community.

Chitnis’ had termed Saint Valmiki as dacoit making the community furious. The community members reached on the dais, started opposing her and demanded apology from her. They said that a wrong perception was created by such floating such stories.

The minister had made this comment while addressing the 13th convention of All India Valmiki Mahasabha in Mandsaur as chief guest. Looking at the growing anger the minister said from the dais that she did not mean what has been understood.

“I am unaware, less experienced, I apologise hundred times. If I have uttered something in flow that has hurt the sentiments of the community then give me poison, I will consume that and I am confident that Saint Valmiki would not let me die,” Chitnis said in a bid to assuage the community members.

Chitnis, who is also the minister in-charge for Mandsaur district during her over an hour long address on the occasion, termed Saint Valmiki as dacoit in a flow making the community furious. Members of the community climbed on the stage and started opposing her with demand to apologise. Looking at the growing resentment the minister tendered apology following that the issue was settled.  

The minister later said, “We talked of uniting society and country besides asking to correct the history made by British. The Bristish through their policy of divide and rule created rift between Hindu and Muslims, Brahmins and Shatriyas and upper class and Schedule Castes and quoted history wrongly".

"I want to say that this wrong history should be corrected. If my apology could unite the society and the country than I am ready to tender apology hundred times.” However, the members of community though pacified after apology from the minister, has decided to report the matter to RSS chief Mohan Bhagwat.