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Obsession: Youth’s body with girl’s name burnt into flesh all over found on railway track

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Senior Correspondent

INDORE: Body of a youth – with a girl’s name burnt into flesh apparently with a hot knife - was found on railway tracks near Saraswati Nagar on Friday. The youth might have committed suicide by jumping before a train, initial investigations suggest.

Body of Manish Prajapati, 29, hailing from Betul was found with deep head injuries and one arm severed. However the most horrific thing was that his entire body had a girl’s name branded with hot knife – on chest, both side of abdomen, legs and hands.

The police have indicated that it might be a case of suicide due to failed love, though detailed investigations are on. The name might be that of his girlfriend or someone he loved.

Postmortem has revealed that the name of the girl was scorched into the flesh on body of Manish with any hot pointed object. The marks looked almost five years old.

Manish was a software engineer with a private company and his brother who works at Pithampur has said that he had no knowledge of a love affair of his brother.

The deceased’s brother has also said that Manish was silent and serious kind and often kept to himself. He has also claimed that Manish could not have committed suicide, indicating foul play.

Sravani Sarkar

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