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Parents murder girl for marrying outside the caste, body burnt, ashes thrown in water

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HYDERABAD: A girl was allegedly beaten to death and later the body was burnt as she had married a youth belonging to another caste.

This horrific incident occurred in Mancherial district in Telangana.

The parents who had killed her, later burnt her body and thrown the ashes in water to clear the evidence, have been arrested. 

According to police, the girl--P Anuradaha, 21, and her husband A Laxman, an engineering student, had fallen in love. As girl's family was against the marriage, they left the town, Kalamadugu in Mancherial, and headed to Hyderabad.

On December 3, they married in Arya Samaj temple. Three weeks later they decided to return.  However, the girl's family members were not willing to forgive her for daring to marriage outside the caste. She was taken to her house, beaten up on the street, until she succumbed.

Later, they burnt the body and threw ashes in a stream so that no evidence would remain. Anuradha's parents--Sattenna and Laxmi, have now been arrested. They said that they didn't want her to marry a youth who they felt belonged to a comparatively lower caste. 

In fact, inter-caste couples continue to suffer and face violence in the country. Earlier, in September, Pranay Kumar, a Dalit youth, was murdered in full public view by a killer hired by his father-in-law in Nalgonda. 

Incidentally, both Anuradha and Laxman belonged to backward communities, however, the castes were different. This shows that even within backward communities, the idea of casteism and purity has taken root strongly, leading to such barbaric crimes.