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PM Modi lauds Narmada Yatra, says river conservation movement in MP merits global attention

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BHOPAL: Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Monday praised the Narmada Yatra, saying that it was an extraordinary event in which lakhs of people participated and resolved to protect the river.

He congratulated the Chief Minister, people of Madhya Pradesh and devotees connected with Narmada Seva for the campaign. The PM termed it as a work of global importance and said that it deserved international coverage.

Prime Minister Modi was addressing the huge gathering on the occasion of the completion of “Namami Devi Narmade” - Seva Yatra in Amarkantak today, alongside the inauguration of Narmada Seva Mission.

He said that rivers are becoming extinct because of the lack of the feeling of duty towards river conservation. Hence, the work of Narmada Seva will prove to be a Mahayagya to awaken the dutifulness in people.

Lauding Madhya Pradesh government, Chief Minister and citizens he said that they have become aware towards river conservation well on time. Citing an example of a river in Kerala he said that today there are many rivers that have no water.

He said that there is no alternative to protect rivers other than planting saplings in a large scale. Modi said that we should take such steps that coming generations always remember us just as today we remember our ancestor. Just as rivers gave life to our ancestors, we too should give life to the rivers.

During this Yatra, 25 lakh people resolved to save the river.  He congratulated the Madhya Pradesh government and citizens on behalf of the citizens and farmers of Gujarat, Rajasthan and Maharashtra. He said that people of Gujarat know how important every drop of water of the Narmada is.

The Prime Minister said that the success of Narmada Seva Yatra is the result of the strength and support of the public. He said that the work-plan of the Narmada Seva Mission is a ‘Perfect Document’. “Send it to all the states because this presents a model of protecting natural resources. He said that if the Agriculture Development Rate of Madhya Pradesh is more than 20 per cent then this is a contribution of the Narmada river”.

Chouhan said that the Narmada Seva Yatra acquired support of every class and 25 lakh people connected with Narmada Seva. He said that this has become a social movement. Liquor shops within 5 km radius of the banks of Narmada have been closed.

Now all villages have become aware towards river conservation. Nearly 80 thousand Narmada Sevaks have connected permanently with this work. Large scale tree plantation will be undertaken on the banks of Narmada on July 2.

Vriksh Sevaks will be available to take up the responsibility for its protection. He said that this year 12 crore saplings would be planted. Out of this, 6 crore saplings would be planted on July 2. Next year 15 crore saplings would be planted.

Chouhan said that Narmada would not be allowed to get destroyed for sand. Mining work be done on the advice of scientists. No kind of mining will be allowed on the mountains of Amarkantak. He said that he himself would lead the Narmada Seva Mission.

Narmada Seva Samitis have begun working in villages. The work-plan of Narmada Seva Mission will be implemented in collaboration with the society. Every resolution of the Prime Minister would be fulfilled by Madhya Pradesh.

From next year the work of conservation of Kshipra, Tapti, Betwa, Chambal and other rivers will commence. The report of the progress of the Narmada Seva Mission work-plan will be dedicated to the public after one year.