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President of India faces caste discrimination, harassed by priests at Jagannath temple in Puri!

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NEW DELHI: Even holding the highest constitutional post of the country is not a guarantee that it would save a person from caste-based discrimination.

President Ramnath Kovind and his wife, were allegedly put to harassment by priests.

This incident happened at the famous Jagannath temple in Odisha. The servitors allegedly grazed past Kovind and his wife, Savita. They also blocked the couple's way and hassled them, said sources.

This happened even though temple was kept out of bounds during the VVIP visit. The district administration has ordered an inquiry. President Kovind is a Dalit by caste.

"The president, just as he was leaning forward, had been stopped from placing his head at the 'Ratnasinghasana' on which the Jagannath deity is placed", reported ET

The visit to temple had taken place in March. Now the temple committee is investigating if the protocal was breached and the President was put to inconvenience during the visit. 

The temple is known for stopping dignitaries in the past also. Former PM Indira Gandhi was not allowed to enter the temple and perform prayers as she had married a Parsi (Firoz Gandhi), which apparently made her a lesser Hindu in the eyes of temple priests.

Caste remains one of the most divisive factors in India. The Hindu clergy comprises Upper Caste, especially, Brahmins. The lower castes including Dalits continue to face discrimination in the society.