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Rahul Gandhi tears into PM Modi over farmers' plight, promises loan waiver

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MANDSAUR/BHOPAL: Congress president Rahul Gandhi accused Prime Minister Narendra Modi of decieving the farmers. 

Gandhi, who addressed a huge farmers' rally in Madhya Pradesh, said that if Congress is elected to power, it would waive off all farmers' loans in ten days of the state government.

Addressing the gathering at Mandsaur on the first anniversary of the firing on farmers, Gandhi said that if India has ample food today it is because of the farmers, not the big businessmen who are rewarded and whose loans are waived off.

Rahul said that Modi-led BJP government ensured that the cheaters like Mallya and Neerav Modi easily get away. "If a farmer is under debt, he is harassed and commits suicide. But if a Mallya is under huge debt, he is offered even more money--hundreds of crores,so that he can leave the country and stay safe".

"Modi addresses Neerav Modi as Neerav Bhai. Under this government, defaulters are respected while farmers are in distress. The ruling party gifts huge loans to cheats though this sum is enough to waive off farmers' loans twice".

The Congress president said that his party would not privatise health and education sectors. "Congress governments cares for farmers. We don't make false promises". Rahul also urged party leaders and workers to get to the towns and villages and take party's message to people.