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Recite Hanuman Chalisa to save your crops from natural calamities, BJP leader tells farmers

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BHOPAL: Just when farmers are in a distress due to crop loss in Madhya Pradesh, a senior BJP leader has advised them to recite Hanuman Chalisa to save their crops.

The leader, Ramesh Saxena, said that if farmers read Hanuman Chalisa, this will save the crop.

"Recite it for five days in regularity and it will save the crop from rain, hailstorm or any such natural calamity", he said. 

Saxena said that Lord Hanuman can save the crop and he is the only power who can stop the natural calamaties and ensure that the crops are not damaged. 

He said that for one hour, the Hanuman Chalisa should be recited on a daily basis, for five days. He issued the statement after hailstorm hit Madhya Pradesh on Sunday.

Crop was damaged in different parts of the state due to the rain, storm and the hailstones.