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SAPAKS' success: Markets, petrol pumps, schools remain shut in cities in Madhya Pradesh

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Mukesh Pandey

BHOPAL: The bandh call that given to protest the amendment in Atrocities on SC/ST Act, has been successful in Madhya Pradesh.

Markets remained shut in major towns of the State. Besides, over 3,000 petrol pumps remained closed.

Also, schools were shut. CBSE schools had already announced on Wednesday evening that they won't open today.

In Bhopal and Indore, there was good response to the bandh call given by SAPAKS, which has been at the forefront of the movement in Madhya Pradesh. Shops remained closed in most of the markets in these cities.

In other towns too, there were similar reports. No incident of any violence was reported. The police were deployed in large numbers in cities across the state. But the bandh remained peaceful.

SAPAKS and other upper caste groups had been supporting the bandh. In Madhya Pradesh, the movement has been going on for long. SAPAKS has been opposing reservation in promotions too.

This is apart from its opposition to the strengthening of the Atrocities on SC/ST Act. It has already announced that it would contest elections and oppose both Congress and BJP in the forthcoming Assembly polls.

Mukesh Pandey

An investigative journalist, he specially covers Western Madhya Pradesh. Mukesh has worked with several media houses in the past