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‘Suicides by unemployed witnessed 20-fold increase in past 10 years in Madhya Pradesh'

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BHOPAL: The Berozgar Sena has claimed that suicides due to unemployment registered a 20 fold increase during the BJP rule, and that the state tops in number of suicides due to unemployment in the entire country.

Berozgar Sena convener Akshay Hunka addressing media persons here on Saturday said, “Two youths commits suicide in the state daily due to unemployment and the suicide rate due to unemployment has increased 2000 per cent the maximum in the country under the current government led by chief minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan.”

Hunka citing NCRB (National Crime Records Bureau)’s latest ADSI (Accidental Deaths & Suicides in India) report said that the statics released under the report are very serious. “In the year 2005, the number of unemployed youths committing suicide under the same Chouhan government in the state was 29 while in the year 2015 the number of suicides committed by unemployed youth was 579.

A whopping rise of twenty folds in the cases that is 2000 per cent increase,” Hunka said. The social activist further said that two youths commit suicide everyday in the state due to unemployment while the scene in the state capital Bhopal is that an unemployed youth commits suicide on every alternate day.

In 2005 the ratio of farmers and unemployed youth was that when 43 farmers used to commit suicide than one suicide was reported by an unemployed youth now the condition is that with every second suicide of farmer an unemployed youth commits suicide, he added.

He said that ADSI report has not been released since 2015 had it been released the figures would be more frightening. Hence we demand that ‘Educated Youth Employment Guarantee’ law should be made immediately without that the situation could not be controlled.