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'Under-cover CBI officer' on matrimonial site turns out to be fraud, cheats girl, arrested

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BHOPAL: Posing as IPS officer, an imposter allegedly sexually exploited a girl and later married her. The man claimed to be an under-cover CBI officer.

The accused--Samir Anwar, 27, has been arrested. Fake seal of CBI and several other documents have been recovered from his possession.

The girl, a 24-year-old, had come to Bhopal in October and stayed at Hotel Noor-Us-Sabah. Her kin had agreed to the marriage. Hence, she went with him to the hotel where he sexually exploited the girl.

However, the 'nikah' was solemnised subsequently. Later, he even started staying in her house. The accused had even shown a uniform of 'police officer' to impress the family.

Then, he claimed that he was going to Hyderabad for training. He had even taken cash from the girl's family. It was the accused's tall claims which made the girl suspicious.

Finally, sensing that he was a cheat, the girl's family informed police. The accused was caught. Anwar, 27, who hails from Varanasi (UP), and lately been living in Mumbai, has been arrested.

It is learnt that the girl's family had created a profile of the girl for marriage on a matrimonial wbesite. Through the site, Khan contacted them, claimed to be an under-cover officer. He said that he was a DSP who had the posting in Chennai. He deceived the girl and her family, sexually abused her and also took money from them.

When he didn't let them meet his family members despite the girl's kin asking him repeatedly to bring them, the girl's family got suspicious. When they asked for his documents, he showed a uniform and a fake seal but it all proved to be wrong.

The Ashoka Garden police were informed. A case was registered and the accused was arrested. Apart from rape, fraud and forgery, he has been charged under sections of IPC meant for pretending to hold office as public servant, impersonation etc.