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Youth in jail for becoming Whatsapp group admin by 'default', mischief-makers had exited group

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BHOPAL: In a strange incident, a youth was arrested and is in jail for five months over objectionable comments allegedly posted in a whats app group by others.

The youth who posted the comment exited the group and as per WhatsApp's default settings that make any other person default administration, he was made the group admin and hence got arrested for being responsible for the comments in the group.

The youth, Junaid Mev, who hails from Talen in Rajgarh, was slapped not just with IT Act but also booked for sedition. The youth's family says that a group admin had posted a comment and when it led to objections, he exited the group.

The post was allegedly by one Irfan. One of the admins, Raja Gurjar, left the group. The next default admins also quit the group soon. Then, Junaid became the admin by default, and as a result he was held responsible and booked.

The family members say that they made a complaint on CM helpline and even tried to meet police officials but to no avail. They rue that not only the youth's career is in jeopardy, he has been in jail for months now, without bail. The police officials say that the family's complaint would be examined and it will be verified.