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58 cows die in 4 weeks in first cow sanctuary of the country in Madhya Pradesh

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BHOPAL: The death of 58 cows in the first cow sanctuary of the country, has become a major political issue in Madhya Pradesh. 

The deaths have been occurring on a daily basis--even up to four-five cows daying each day.

The figure crossed 58 in less than four weeks. As reports of the deaths came out, this snowballed into a major controversy. The state government had opened the cow sanctuary, which has been built at a cost of Rs 32 crore.

Initially, it was suspected that the fodder was poisonous and hence the contract of the supplier was cancelled. All the cows were sent for post-mortem. Besides, the fodder has been sent to lab. 

The Kamdhenu Cow Sanctuary, which is spread over 472 hectares of land at Salariya in Susner tehsil of Agar-Malwa district, was formally opened just over a month ago. Around 4,500 cows are kept in this sanctuary though its capacity is much more.

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 Most of them are stray cows, deserted by owners. There are arrangements for light, drinking water, fooder for cows. A comittee has now been formed to look into the cause behind the deaths.

The opposition has said that the BJP is just involved in politics over cow and talks about it just to garner votes but is not interested in cows. The party has cited death of hundreds of cows in Gwalior and the deaths in the sanctuary in Agar-Malwa.