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Family ostracized for ‘buying a ghost’ to harass others in Mandla of MP, victims reach police

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BHOPAL: A family in Madhya Pradesh has been accused of buying a ghost to harass other residents. 

The victims allege that after this charge was levelled, they were beaten up and ostracised.

This strange incident has occurred in Mandla district in eastern part of the State.

According to police, the family belongs to Jamunia town in Bijadandi area of the district. Of late, there were several incidents of snake bite in the area and there were deaths in several houses. 

The local residents felt that the deaths were unnatural and there was a curse of them. Hence, they visited a priest-cum-witch doctor.

"The priest told them that a resident of Jamunia has brought a ghost from outside to harass others and this is the cause behind the deaths", says Onkar Singh Warkade, the complainant.

"I don’t know why the priest pointed the finger of suspicion on me for buying the ghost. Subsequently, the panchayat decided to take action against us. We were beaten up and they have also issued the diktat that no one would keep any relation with our family".

Warkade has made a formal complaint to the Superintendent of police (SP) who assured the complainant that he (SP) would look into it.

The complainant has said that apart from ostracising, his family has been asked to pay Rs 50,000 as compensation for the rituals that would be held to check the ghost and force it out of the region.

"The written complaint has been made during the public hearing. We will take action on it", confirmed a police official. In Mandla, superstitions run high in rural parts and people believe in ghosts and spirits, readily believing that ghosts are responsible for illness, deaths or calamities.