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Financial constraints: Chartered accountant shoots self dead, woman sells newborn baby

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RAIPUR: A chartered accountant committed suicide due to financial constraints while in another incident a woman sold her newborn baby girl for similar reasons.

The incidents that suggest the growing joblessness and poor financial condition, occurred in Chhattisgarh in a single day. 

In the first incident, Vineet Patel, 35, a chartered accountant, shot himself dead with a firearm. Patel was facing financial problems and was under debt too. He was unable to pay back. He used his friend's revolver to kill himself, at his office at Ashoka Millennium Plaza.

He was taken to the hospital but the doctors declared him brought dead. He left a suicide note and a video recording, narrating his plight. The police have seized the video recording and is investigating the circumstances that prompted him to end his life. 

The other incident too occurred in Raipur. The woman, a 20-year-old, was selling the baby girl because she didn't have money. The deal of Rs 50,000 was finalised by another woman and the latter's associates. However, the police got air of it and intervened. The police have registered a case and the baby has been sent to a children's home.