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Hurt by blasts, Lord Hanuman petitions Green Tribunal to get stone quarries shut in MP

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Special Correspondent

BHOPAL: Literally hurt by the explosive blasts in the stone quarries surrounding his temple, Lord Hanuman has filed a petition with the National Green Tribunal (central zone bench) to shut the mines down.

The Lord has also demanded compensation of Rs 1 crore for the damages sustained.

The interesting case has unfolded in Guna district of Madhya Pradesh, where an ancient temple of Lord Hanuman has got surrounded by very deep stone mines, where regular blasts are done to quarry the stones.

Recently, the idol of the deity at the Lalua Tora Dham temple in Piprouda Khurd developed cracks due to the blasts.

The priest of the temple, Devendra Bhargava then decided to file the petition with NGT making Lord Hanuman himself as petitioner. The lawyer for the petitioner has said that since the idol of Gods are considered as an individual the petition has filed in the name of the deity.

When translated (from Hindi), the petition reads: “I Hanuman, son of Anjani, hereby request the Green Tribunal to immediately close down the stone quarries in vicinity of my temple. Blasting should be immediately stopped in the area and the quarries should be filled up with rubble, because the blasts have causes cracks in my idol...".

"...Despite repeated intervention by my priest, quarries up to 80 feet deep have been dug as close as 30 feet from my temple and this is posing grave threat to the ancient temple. It is not possible to compensate the damages yet Rs one crore should be paid as compensation.”

The Guna district collector and 13 leaseholders in vicinity of the temple have been made parties in the case that is likely to be heard by the tribunal soon.

Last year in September, 7 children had died after drowning in one of the stone quarry pits that had got filled with monsoon water. The lease of this mine was cancelled but other quarries have continued to operate. (Photo courtesy: