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Two orphaned tiger cubs die within six hours in Bandhavgarh, third in serious condition

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Special Correspondent

BHOPAL/UMARIA: Two orphaned tiger cubs that were ailing since some time now died within a gap of six hours on Sunday at the Bandhavgarh Tiger Reserve.

The cubs, four months old, were suffering from Parvovirus infection. Their third sibling is also ailing and is in serious condition, tiger reserve authorities have said.

The cubs had been found at Sarwahi village on the outskirts of Sanjay Gandhi Tiger Reserve in January this year. Their mother had been killed by poachers.

The orphaned cubs had been shifted to Bandhavgarh reserve and were put under foster care. However all three contracted Parvovirus infection and their condition kept deteriorating.

One of the cubs died just after midnight on Saturday while another died early Sunday morning, authorities said.

Treatment of the third cub is underway with expert vet from Mukundpur Tiger Safari and Sidhi trying to control the infection. (File photo courtesy: