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Vyapam: Nexus of private medical colleges destroyed career of thousands of youth in MP

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BHOPAL: The nexus of private medical colleges in Madhya Pradesh were involved in the Vyapam scam, destroyed career of thousands of students. 

The officials of Chirayu Medical College, LN Medical College, Index and People's Medical College in Bhopal, are finally made to face the law. 

The owners of these colleges had used their influence to illegally give seats to candidates who were able to pay money and sabotaged the entire process of examination and counselling. 

In many cases, students who hadn't appeared in PMT were given admission on MBBS seats in these private colleges. The management of colleges was in cahoots with the racketeers, middle-men and candidates who paid money.

Anything from Rs 50 lakh to 1 crore and even more was changed to 'sell' the seats. The names of Ajay Goenka, who runs Chirayu Medical College, Suresh Vijaywargia who runs People's Medical College and JN Chouksey who is chairman of LN Medical college of the LNCT group, are now in CBI charge-sheet submitted in court. 

There were multiple ways for the fraud. Youths who had got admission in colleges in other states were given admission in colleges here for the time being to mislead the Department of Medical Education. These youths would later surrender the seats and colleges sold those seats. to ineligible candidates.

Also, in PMT, there were irregularities. In examination, roll numbers manipulated to have  'solver' (bright student called from other states for cheating that helped candidates who paid money) and the candidate's sitting arrangement in such a way that candidate would cheat from 'solver' who sat ahead of him.

Vyapam officials manipulated the process, even filling the circles in the OMR answer-sheet in confidential wing to pass candidates who paid money. It was such a well-planned racket that no one thought they would be caught because they obliged top politicians and also bureaucrats, who were not charged. 

It was so easy because the nexus was so strong and the 'system' was perfected to conduct all sorts of irregulraities. For example, candidates who had deep pockets and could pay met middle-men who got them admission on seats though college gave no advertisement about vacant seats. 

The Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) has accused them in of illegal admission in the charge-sheet in the case of irregularities in PMT 2012 that was conducted by Vyapam. They are now formulating legal strategies to save themselves from arrests.