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'Arrest those responsible for burning copy of constitution, memo given to Home minister'

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BHOPAL: A grand demonstration was organised in Bhopal to demand action against those who were responsible for setting afire
the copies of Indian constitution in New Delhi recently.

Senior Congress leader Arif Masood led the protest and sat on a 'dharna' (sit-in) at Twelve Number Stop in the State capital.

Addressing the gathering, Masood said that the culprits had no only used objectionable words but also committed an unpardonable act.

"The constitution is the book on the basis on which the country is run. It is a disrespect to everybody and it is a case of
sedition i.e. anti-national acitivity", he added.

"It is unfortunate that such an act could take place, that too in the national capital. It has hurt countless Indians. These
anti-social elements must be charged with act under the provisions of atrocities on SC-ST".

The speakers also demanded stern punishment and said this was an offence that couldn't be ignored. Buddhist religious leaders,
activists, Dalit leaders were present during the protest. A memorandum was handed over to be sent to the Union Home Minister,
demanding immediate action in this case.