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Farmers' agitation wreaks havoc in MP: Clashes with police, milk-vegetables supply affected

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BHOPAL: The farmers' agitation has spread to several districts in Madhya Pradesh and it has caused severe shortage of milk and vegetables in cities.

Farmers who want fair prices for their products are on the streets, having confrontation with the police. 

Despite all efforts, the administration has failed to persuade the farmers to stop the protests. On Monday too, protests  continued in different parts of the State. 

The farmers are throwing vegetables on streets, pouring out milk on roads and not willing to end the agitation. They are angry because they claim they are not getting fair prices of the commodities.

Farmres' leader Anil Yadav has been detained. CM Shivraj Singh Chouhan has appealed to the farmers to stop agitation and hold discussions but the farmers are not willing to listen.

Earlier, due to shortage of products, milk was selling at Rs 100 per kg in parts of Malwa region while vegetable prices went up all over the State. The situation hasn't changed in four days and the agitation has only intensified.

While a prominent group of farmers has said that it will end the stir, farmers in districts are not willing to stop the agitation. The protest was spontaneous and it began after a similar agitation in Maharashtra recently.

The supply of vegetables was badly affected and hence there was shortage of goods in mandis. The situation was worst in Malwa region, around Indore. Farmers and policemen clashed on Saturday. The agitating farmer resorted to stone petling. The policemen retaliated by firing teargas shells.

Farmers laid siege to police stations and threw onions on the streets, affecting movement of people. Police personnel were thrashed also.  Though State government has urged farmers to end the agitation, the situation hasn't improved.

There was ruckus in Choithram Mandi, vehicles were set ablaze on AB road and buses were stoned. In Indore, the local police had to use force to control the situation. On Sunday, the agitation continued and farmers went on rampage in Sehore.

The agitation had started in Maharashtra and spread to adjoining Madhya Pradesh. Sources said that messages sent through WhatsApp led to mobilisation of the farmers. The farmers came out on streets after receiving the messages.

Chief minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan has urged the farmers to end the agitation and have discussions in order to resolve their issues. Some farmers' groups have also asked the protesters to stop throwing milk and vegetables, instead, give them to needy. Photo courtesy