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Poet approaches court against corruption, irked authorities threaten him in Madhya Pradesh

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BHOPAL: A prominent Delhi-based poet has been harassed and threatened by authorities in his native town in Madhya Pradesh, after he approached the court against local administration.

Eminent Urdu poet Chander Bhan Khayal has expressed his pain over he was targeted and insulted in his home state. Khayal has won numerous awards including the Madhya Pradesh government's prestigious Iqbal Samman.

"I live in Delhi but on festivals go back to my hometown, Babai, in Hoshangabad district of Madhya Pradesh. I had been trying to get my ancestral land registered in my name but years have passed and nothing happened".

"The level of corruption in the municipal council is such that nothing moves as per the due process. Hence, I approached court and this irked them so much that police was sent at my home".

"It was told that the assistant collector had called me. The policeman entered my house and treated me like an offender. I was taken to the official who showed me a piece of paper, accusing me of forgery, and threatened me. I never felt so humiliated and insulted", said Khayal.

Khayal who is one of the most well-known poets from the region, said that he is deeply pained at the behaviour and is worried that how authorities can misuse powers just to save themselves. "My case in the court has unsettled them so much that they are now after me", he rued.

Khayal is a member of Sahitya Aakdemi's advisory board and has been a former deputy director of the National Council for Promotion of Urdu Language (NCPUL). He has several poetry collections to his name. 

Recently, former Union minister and senior BJP leader Sartaj Singh, who also hails from Hoshangabad, had also raised the issue of corruption in Madhya Pradesh. He had said that even for reimbursement of medical bills, he was asked for bribe.