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Berozgar Sena raises issue of growing unemployment among youths in MP, starts signature campaign

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BHOPAL: The Berozgar Sena, a newly floated group, is raising the issue of failure of government to provide jobs to youths of the state. 

The Sena has launched a signature campaign in order to take up the issue with the government on Saturday. Hundreds of youths have already signed the campaign on the first day. 

Vichar Madhya Pradesh, a non-government platform, has been behind the idea of the Berozgar Sena. The convener, Akshay Hunka, has said that any youth can become the member of the Sena by giving a missed call on a specified number.

“Over 1.41 crore youths of the state are unemployed. In last two years the number of unemployed youths has touched 53 per cent,” said Hunka, adding that in the year 2015, the state government managed to give jobs to only 334 youths who had got themselves registered at employment offices.

Hunka further said that very few youths are going for the registration at the employment offices, but even they are not getting the jobs, he said, citing figures that the number of registered youths in the year 2015 was 15.60 lakh, and their number has gone to 20 lakh in 2017.

Vichar MP's Vijay Wate, a retired IPS officer, says that government doesn't have any employment policy and as a result, the youths of the state are suffering. Stating that government doesn’t have any specific data of the skilled or educated youths in the state, Wate said that if government does not have the numbers  it will not be possible to formulate plan for them.

“In the state’ 457 government colleges, 864 private colleges, 227 engineering colleges, every year lakhs of youths are obtaining graduate degrees. In government colleges alone, around 2 lakh students had taken admission in the year 2017. If the government does not have the figures, how will they prepare the future plans for them,” he questioned.

 "Nearly 1 lakh posts are vacant in government sector. Like ‘land bank’, the ‘brain bank’ also exists in the state but the government has no data, said the former DG", he added. Accusing government officials of lack of farsightedness, the members said that erroneous implementation of demonetisation and GST has put burden on unemployed youths.