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The emergence of a new students' group was also being seen as a threat to established students' organisations in the institution. »
As it's Tajul Masajid's campus, a Waqf property, the suspected interference--even though it was apparently a verbal order, had led to panic »
Several activists have suspected foul play in the case and have demanded a fair investigation. »
Now, people would be able to visit the historic building, which was earlier known as Lal Kothi in the era when Bhopal was a princely state. »
The professor's 'fault' was that he had asked them not to shout slogans in front of classroom. »
In the party workers' convention, the Congress leaders said that in order to wrest the seat from BJP, she should be given the ticket. »
Over 12,000 people had voted in this online poll, which is no longer visible on the Facebook page. »
In his written complaint, Amit Sen has asked bank how anyone can be insulted for using their mother tongue. »
"There is a 53% rise in unemployment in Madhya Pradesh in MP. Two youth have been committing suicide every day due to joblessness" »
Carrying national flag in their hands and photographs of freedom fighters, the kids walked on the streets of Bhopal. »
The leader who is in charge of MP affairs is apparently upset because of indiscipline in the party. »
The youth was not only booked under with IT Act but also charged with sedition. Family had approached authorities but to no avail. »
The lawyer has been accused of gross professional misconduct by fellow advocates who have written to HC in this regard. »
The commission has held that the policemen fired at the farmers in order to disperse the mob and it was for self-defence. »
As per Hindu mythology, King Janak had found Sita in an earthen pot. However, no one had equated it with modern science till now. »
There is no end in sight to the farmers' woes in Madhya Pradesh, and farmers continue to end life in the state. »
The CCTV cameras had helped the investigators in identifying the culprit soon after the incident. »
Leader of opposition Ajay Singh has demanded FIR against the MLA. The BJP state unit has distanced itself from the statement. »
Preeti had ended her life after she came to know that her husband was going to marry again because his father, minister Rampal Singh wants him to remarry. »
All 51 districts of Madhya Pradesh have been included in the second phase launch of the all important Pneumococcal Conjugate Vaccine (PCV) »
Struggling to make both ends meet, the middle-aged farmer consumed poison to end his life. »
As public representatives we are forced to call police and ask them to let off the accused, said Chauhan. »
As news of the 'body' getting back to life spread, people rushed to the government hospital to see the person. »
In an affidavit filed in SC, the MP government stated that it had disbursed around Rs One Crore to 1951 rape survivors. »
The regime has been around for more than a decade and there is bound to be anti-incumbency, admit BJP leaders. »
Agitating people hurled shoe at chief municipal officer during a demonstration, hitting a woman tehsildar instead »
Senior inspector with the press – Manohar Verma – has been arrested by the Dewas police and matter reported to finance ministry »
Just before his last rites, the family members saw the video in his cell phone. »
At an event, Archana Chitnis said that Valmiki was earlier a dacoit. Angry community members launched a strong protest. »
Poor strategy, lack of understand of ground situation and inability to get feedback led to the embarrassing situation. »
A committee has been formed to conduct probe into the deaths at the sanctuary that has been built at the cost of Rs 32 crore. »
The family returned home with the body of the elderly man and conducted last rites in front of their house. »
Bail plea of Chirayu Medical College’s owner Dr Ajay Goenka and LN Medical College’s JN Chouksey, DK Satpathy, has been rejected. »
The officials of Chirayu Medical College, LN Medical College and People's Medical College in Bhopal, are finally made to face the law. »
More than 125 farmers have ended life in the state in the last five months or so and the spate of deaths continue. »
It has once again brought to fore the issue of police not registering complaints even in the most heinous crimes. »
It has once again brought to fore the issue of police not registering complaints even in the most heinous crimes. »
The police arrested him as he possessed a CD about a BJP minister's sex scandal in Chhattisgarh. »
Is there any provision that allows officer to forcibly take away household items because tribals didn't have money to construct their house, asks MPHRC. »
Opposition parties in the state have condemned the 'police brutality' and stripping of farmers in custody. »
As Ravana is their deity and burning his effigy hurts the tribal sentiments, the groups have issued ultimatum to organisers. »
The Khairah village panchayat in Badarwas of Shivpuri had a day ago held a meeting and decided to clamp total ban on liquor consumption »
Ridiculous blame put on us, says victims who have been beaten up, asked to pay Rs 50,000 for rituals »
The girl, a student of class 1, was forced to defecate in the open on the premises of her school as the school does not have a toilet »
The kids had gone to meet their father who is lodged in jail. On festivals, family members visit prisons to meet the kin. »
The tit-for-tat incident occurred in Chitrakut. Dacoit Babli Kol abducted two persons but now his parents are taken hostage. »
The family is so poor that they had to discontinue education of the two girls and have to take their help in farming as they cannot afford to buy bullocks »
Anand Singh Kushwaha who runs a tea-shop in Gwalior, is contesting the Presidential poll, hoping that he would be elected. »
Digvijaya said that even some of his own party leaders asked him why he attacks Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS). »
While CM Shivraj Chouhan ends his 'indefinite fast' in 28 hrs, Opposition flays him for extravagance and insensitivity towards farmers. »