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He said that structure in Ayodhya was demolished and the ones in the town won't remain either. He openly dared admin and govt. »
Zakir Ali had posted about the programme to hang Godse's effigy on October 2, after which he received the threat. »
Lost their lives as there is no toilet in their house & were forced to go out to attend nature's call & this angered the attackers. »
Initial losses estimated to the tune of Rs 10,000 crore; chief secretary says survey almost completed. »
As constructions continue at the periphery of the lake, it shows failure of admin & lack of intent to save the lake »
The 'Muslim leaders' kept their parties in the dark & didn't raise the issues of Muslims even at the party forums. »
Police said that after getting information about Maoists camping in the area, they had surrounded the area. »
Controversy has erupted as India's national emblem is no longer at the Bhopal civic body logo now. »
The department hadn't given info for two years and even submitted in commission that he had withdrawn his application. »
IMA must speak up for doctors but shouldn't it speak when doctors attacked, beaten, arrested & jailed in the line of duty elsewhere. »
To save the cows from any possible heat related ailments, water foggers have been installed in cow sheds. »
The agencies suspect role of separatist Naga militant group, NSCN (IM) behind this deadly attack on NPP lawmaker. »
The statement has come as a shocker even for the BJP leadership that only recently inducted her into the party. »
Mahesh was beaten by residents until he died on the spot. Incidents of mob lynching have seen a sharp rise in India in recent years. »
All these municipal employees were present on the dais during the event and had felicitated the BJP candidate. »
Nirmalakka herself pleaded in the court and fought 137 out of these 157 cases that were registered against her. »
The doctor used to take stolen cycles to Vidisha by train. Cycles have been recovered and doctor sent to jail. »
Vineet Patel, 27, was facing severe financial problems, and has left a suicide note apart from a video recording about his plight. »
Two kids were abducted & murdered in Satna just 20 days ago. Now, another child was abducted and couldn't be saved. »
The priest Hemant Dubey, an accused in the Prof Sabharwal murder case, is an ex-office bearer of ABVP and a BJP functionary. »
The incidents including rape of a 3-year-old and death of a boy, 12, were reported just a day after sensational murders of kidnapped twins »
The chief minister formally responded to Jhabua boy Himanshu Soni's letter, agreeing with him about the problems of sound pollution »
Incidentally, the pastor and his wife had earlier received threat from the members of the right-wing groups. »
The two persons--Mehboob Khan and Rodu Mal Malviya were booked for illegal transportation of bovines earlier also, claim officials. »
They had left city and consumed poison in a hotel room after mother of a kid had lodged FIR & threatened them. »
The woman had complained that it was not the first such occasion when the rooster had attacked her daughter. »
Rachna Bhartiya was director of the NGO that runs the shelter home till a year ago when she become the district CWC chief. »
The delegation told minister that these cases were registered in 15 years but not one was proved in the court. »
Fresh barbs came after Chouhan occupied the first seat in the Opposition benches in Assembly on Wednesday, traditionally reserved for the Leader of Opposition »
This is the first major reshuffle at the top level of Madhya Pradesh police after the new regime has taken over. »
There is provision for nomination of an Anglo Indian in Madhya Pradesh Assembly too. Often, a person from Jabalpur is nominated. »
The emergence of a new students' group was also being seen as a threat to established students' organisations in the institution. »
As it's Tajul Masajid's campus, a Waqf property, the suspected interference--even though it was apparently a verbal order, had led to panic »
Several activists have suspected foul play in the case and have demanded a fair investigation. »
Now, people would be able to visit the historic building, which was earlier known as Lal Kothi in the era when Bhopal was a princely state. »
The professor's 'fault' was that he had asked them not to shout slogans in front of classroom. »
In the party workers' convention, the Congress leaders said that in order to wrest the seat from BJP, she should be given the ticket. »
Over 12,000 people had voted in this online poll, which is no longer visible on the Facebook page. »
In his written complaint, Amit Sen has asked bank how anyone can be insulted for using their mother tongue. »
"There is a 53% rise in unemployment in Madhya Pradesh in MP. Two youth have been committing suicide every day due to joblessness" »
Carrying national flag in their hands and photographs of freedom fighters, the kids walked on the streets of Bhopal. »
The leader who is in charge of MP affairs is apparently upset because of indiscipline in the party. »
The youth was not only booked under with IT Act but also charged with sedition. Family had approached authorities but to no avail. »
The lawyer has been accused of gross professional misconduct by fellow advocates who have written to HC in this regard. »
The commission has held that the policemen fired at the farmers in order to disperse the mob and it was for self-defence. »
As per Hindu mythology, King Janak had found Sita in an earthen pot. However, no one had equated it with modern science till now. »
There is no end in sight to the farmers' woes in Madhya Pradesh, and farmers continue to end life in the state. »
The CCTV cameras had helped the investigators in identifying the culprit soon after the incident. »
Leader of opposition Ajay Singh has demanded FIR against the MLA. The BJP state unit has distanced itself from the statement. »
Preeti had ended her life after she came to know that her husband was going to marry again because his father, minister Rampal Singh wants him to remarry. »