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The MP general administration department has issued orders saying the separate toilets should come up within six months »
In wake of Supreme Court ban on joints close to highways, outlets were not auctioned and thus auto-rickshaws were used by excise department for vending of liquor »
The hot conditions are expected to prevail and citizens are advised to drink a lot of water and avoid direct exposure to sun for long. »
In all, 35 social workers from 10 districts participated in the media writing workshop organised by Vikas Samvad with UNICEF »
Attack by kin of patients or any other anti-social elements on government doctors and vice-versa is a sorry trend in MP »
After complaints were made to top officials and activists jumped into the fray, the school allowed him to appear in exam. »
The Shahar Qazi writes to the DEO that girls shouldn't be harassed. »