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The journalists say that there is neither proper response from YouTube, nor any human contact to appeal against arbitrary action. »
Apart from supporting the call for bandh against amendment to the act, SAPAKS decided to hold peaceful protest. »
All the focus is on acquiring the degree and this has resulted in a situation where the entire system is now in a mess. »
"I decided that in the current situation, I will not just write but if needed also raise slogans and come to the streets for agitation" »
This is to experience self and God. His guru Yogi Shivam says that Patric would take just skimmed milk in this duration. »
Immunization activities have gathered strength in 13 districts under Intensified Mission Indradhanush in state including Vidisha and Raisen »
NGO Aawaz that works for children held the competition in Hinotia Rahul Nagar for children involved in polythene bags picking »
Kallu and Vaijaiyanti exchanged garlands before the statue of Dr Ambedkar and also took the traditional seven rounds (saat pheras) »
For the last 25 years, she has been following the same path, waking up devout Muslims so that can have Sehri. »
Vivek has made multiple interventions that have and are poised to bring better services and facilities to differently able people. »
The volunteers work on the ground, serving others, which paves way for shedding biases regarding other communities. »
Since generations, the Khan family has been growing and supplying the pooja flowers to temples and Hindu households in the town »
People warned about more train & bus mishaps this year, told about good rain, bumper crop and advised not to buy land. »
During a demo, the officer pressed the button number 4, but the slip that came out was of button number 2 (BJP). »
At least 50 submarine equipment are illegally operative in 36 sand mines on Sindh River Bank, damaging the river bed. »
A selection of our special stories and reports from the ground that created a stir. »