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Singh clearly said that the Congress-ruled states won't allow NPR. He said Shah had explained chronology but now PM said NRC hasn't been discussed. »
The cases against protesters were registered in Jehangirabad, Talaiya and TT Nagar police stations. »
It had taken months before the rape case was registered and when the girl was going for court hearing, she was burnt. »
Nawab of Banda had fought against Abdali's forces and was martyred. Later, the family suffered due to their opposition to British as well. »
The 81-year-old woman was tortured as those eyeing her land tried to defame her in order to banish her and grab the property. »
One of the major grievances is that fake news peddlers don't get blocked, instead get 'verified' tick, while other users can be blocked. »
The destitute, the sick, the elderly persons with no source of income and those suffering from acute poverty, get food thanks to the initiative. »
Congress tally has gone up to 115 in the 230 member Assembly while BJP's strength is down to 108. »
Khudai Khidmatgar volunteers are taking out the rally that will start from Raj Ghat & culminate at Gandhi Bhawan in Kolkata' »
Locally dominant OBCs too commit atrocities and practice untouchability with not just Dalits, but also tribals. »
The child was hurled from the window and horrified passersby watched her fall from the height. The kid couldn't be saved. »
'You represent an organisation that has long history of sacrifices for the nation, you need to clarify else you will be seen as playing in their hands'. »
Twitter India has failed to act against those spreading hatred and Nazi-style propaganda. Its role is extremely disturbing. »
In order to please God and Goddesses, first milk of mother (colostrum) is offered to them rather than children. »
She urged that Muslims who made 'kanwar' should by boycotted & evicted. The speech was shown on channels and is available on internet. »
The minor boy got into such rage that he banged his elder brother's head against the wall & attacked him with scissors. »
Owaisi has clearly said that now his party is going to contest in UP, West Bengal and Karnataka apart from Bihar. »
The attacks continue despite BJP government's 'tough on terror' line in Jammu and Kashmir, apart from rest of the country. »
The power of Saffron 'gamchha'. Baghel was externed from district due to his criminal record. Yet cops acted on the basis of his claims. »
Celebrities rarely take stand and keep mum rather than such a call for unity. Worse, many are building new career out of hate and bigotry. »
While PM Narendra Modi had claimed that BJP-rule ended terror, these blasts show Maoists' ability to strike at will and their access to weapons. »
Nayantara Sahgal said division has been created between a 'militant creed' called Hindutva and 'others'. »
Mandideep, on outskirts of MP capital Bhopal is ranked 75th most polluted, the only second MP area to feature in worst 100. »
India has said that large number of Jaish terrorists, trainers & commanders were eliminated in the preemptive strike. »
Over 110 persons have died due to poisonous liquor in Assam, two weeks after over 50 deaths in UP & Uttarakhand. »
The leaders include Mir Waiz Umar Farooq, Abdul Gani Bhat, Bilal Lone, Hashim Qureshi and Shabir Shah. »
Tribal leaders asserted that they had taught BJP a lesson for the land acquisition law & would continue to fight for their rights. »
The party mouthpiece Saamna has raised question over Saradha chit fund scam accused Mukul Roy in the BJP. »
He (Modi) would run away if asked to debate with him (Gandhi) for five minutes on the stage, the Congress president said. »
Nine bomb blasts across four districts had killed 90. Banned terror group NDFB chief Ranjan Daimary now gets life sentence. »
The party has managed to wrest more seats in this tribal belt, functioning from this office that shocks visitors. »
Dr Hira Alawa has said that there are wound 25-30 such districts over 4 states. 'Should be under sixth schedule to protect tribal culture' »
Unlike SC, ST, OBC reservation, caste will not be the criterion but it will be based on family's income and land holding. »
Of the 256, FIRs were registered in just 17, claims the report of ADF that tracks violence against Christians and attacks on Churches. »
The girl's parents were not ready to forgive her for the decision to marry a youth who belonged to another caste. »
Conches were blown amid chants of 'Har Har Mahadev' as saints claimed that 'betrayal with Sant samaj and Ma Naramada cost Shivraj'. »
Realising the role of local officials in suspected use of 'fixed' machines that are used as replacement, Kamal Nath wants forensic study. »
The mob led by local Bajrang Dal leaders didn't even allow injured policeman to be taken to hospital. Also, looted his weapon. »
There were around 200 devotees in the prayer hall of the Nirankari sect when the masked bike-riders threw grenade. »
After his wife's death, Faizul Hasan Qadri spent his savings and most part of the pension, to build the monument. »
They were picked up from a shop, taken to the river, lined up and shot dead. The killings are suspected to be over NRC. »
Collectors have been authorised to register Hindus, Jains, Sikhs, Buddhists, Parsis and Christians from these countries as citizens. »
Shah said that during Congress' rule, the condition of roads was bad, power situation was grim and there was unemployment. »
Trigger-happy cops have been given a free run by the BJP government and they have been shooting people across UP. »
Kidari Sarveswara Rao, a TDP legislator and ex-MLA Siveri Soma, who also belonged to the same party, were murdered. »
Farooq was brutally beaten and tortured in full public view. At least, 13 persons were involved in the lynching. »
In Bhopal & Indore, there was good response to the bandh call. However, no incident of violence was reported in the State. »
Bhavesh Patel was held guilty in a case of terrorism--attack on Ajmer Sharif shrine, and was sentenced to life imprisonment. »
The victim was tied to a tree, hit with lathis and his hand was severed when they attacked him with a sword. »
The survey predicts that Congress will bounce back in all the three states--winning Rajasthan and Chhattisgarh by huge margins. »