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The officer of Lieutenant Colonel rank was sending confidential information to Pakistan. »
'It is ironical that Shivraj Chouhan hails from backward community but he hasn't done anything for backwards'. »
Raja Singh, known for his controversial speeches, said that every Hindu must attend the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) shakhas. »
"Cow should be declared national animal. It should be termed 'praani', not 'pashu'. It could be termed 'rashtriya praani', he further said. »
Though AAP government is not going to fall as the party still has a majority in the house, this is a jolt to the party. »
By targeting IB, he was clear about sending the message that who was after him and who 'wants to silence him'. »
The Apex court will decide whether indeed Hindi prayer sung in 1100 KVs promote a particular religion and violated the Constitution »
'Not just rapes, Madhya Pradesh is also far ahead of most states in attacks on journalists, reflecting poor law-and-order'. »
The first amputee to scale Mount Everest said that she was insulted at the temple, now MP government has apologised. »
The girl is a UPSC aspirant and was returning from coaching when she was gang raped. The judgement in this case has come in a record time, in less than 55 days. »
A large number of cows are those who get sick after eating polythene or adulterated food in garbage dump and brought here. »
Nearly 33 years after the tragedy, thousands of gas victims are yet to get proper treatment and many are denied compensation »
Clearly, Shivraj sees it as a decision that would help him politically. Calling the Rani as 'Rashtramata', he has announced Padmavati's memorial too. »
While Congress has demanded stern action and police case in this regard, Hindu Mahsabha leaders are undeterred. »
The opposition Congress lashed out at the statement and asked the union minister to reveal the source on the basis of which the claim was made »
Many Twitter users called Chouhan’s statement a joke and posted photographs of potholed roads in Madhya Pradesh »
If people in districts of MP do not want inclusion, then it should be carved out of Uttar Pradesh's districts, she said. »
Yadav said that GST led to loss of jobs in the entire country and people are suffering due to its impact. »
The Board expresses its displeasure with the Centre's stand on record. We see it as an attack on Muslim Personal Law. »
The speakers at the protest meet said that it was clear that there was an attempt to silence the dissenters. »
The boys said that they wanted to do something unusual and take selfie so as to show it to friends. »
The boy was acting strangely and school students saw him going to the terrace on third floor of the school. With »
Such was the intensity of the blast that not only the house was flattened but houses in the vicinity also got damaged. »
"China has captured our market and now it is eyeing our land too. We must boycott its products. Traders have been warned" »
The Delhi High Court has quashed Narottam Mishra's plea and upheld ECI order that disqualified him. »
Subhash said that he never made a complaint and was not even in Mohad. He said that he didn't see any celebration. »
The youths had gone to the dam after the semester examination got over. »
The messages say that the farmers and indigenous people who till the lands have rights on the local land and not the capitalists. »
MP police are on the alert on the eve of statewide road blockades as farmers' unions have given a call for 'chakka jam' on June 10. »
Heavy police force has been deployed in Mandsaur and other districts of Malwa region where the protests have spiralled. »
Investment of Rs 75 crore each has been estimated for development, redevelopment and commercial development in PPP mode for the stations »
The family from Gariaband was boycotted in 2015 after it decided to keep a minor daughter home after she was raped and gave birth to a child. »
Praising the Narmada Yatra, Modi said that it was an extraordinary event in which lakhs participated for conservation of the river. »
She had mentioned how she was shocked to see minor tribal girls stripped and tortured in police station. After the post, she was suspended. »
It was after Satvinder's arrest that ATS got info about the spying network and had arrested Dhruv Saxena, Balram Singh and over 15 others. »
After a similar status to holy rivers Ganga and Yamuna in Uttarakhand, the MP government does the same for River Narmada. »
The incident occurred between Burkapal and Chintagufa in Sukma district--part of the Maoist infested region. »
Although the official toll was put at 14, sources said 21 bodies had been taken out by evening and more were trapped inside »
Although the official toll was put at 14, sources said 21 bodies had been taken out by evening and more were trapped inside »
The petitioner suffers from cancer & the landlord's mother also died of cancer. SC has ordered that the tower be removed. »
Dipali Rastogi raises issues of water scarcity, age old habit of defecation to question the way ODF targets are pushed »
Series of explosions in the ammunition manufacturing unit that comes under the defence, caused panic among residents. »
People arrive at this 'siddhi pith' to perform rituals in order to attain victory in major battles and missions. »
The Buddhist spiritual leader reached Dewas in Western MP, planted a sapling and participated in the Yatra. »
Three more were injured in attack that came exactly two years after 15 CRPF men were killed in Jhiram »
Law-enforcers in the state are more in the news for wrong reasons. »