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Papers create a negative image of secular parties. Indifference of other parties responsible for the situation. »
It is no longer shocking anymore in India, as the cult of Godse the man who had killed Mahatma Gandhi, keeps growing. »
USCIRF chair Tony Perkis has asked Indian government to act against the attackers, prosecute them & prevent such attacks. »
Probe has been ordered and administration in other cities is now on alert, stopping devotees from getting into deep water. »
There was no option and hence the risk was taken, wading through deep water, the body was taken for cremation. »
"The fundamental building blocks of our diverse democracy are being compromised in an unprecedented manner". »
The patwari, Piyush Rajput, had come to Sakhnor in Shivpuri district to check the extent of damage to the crops. »
The four persons have been arrested, booked under sections 153(A) and 298 of IPC. The police are interrogating them. »
Faisal Usman, a Muslim, was thrashed and forced to chant the slogan in Mumbai, days after Tabrez Ansari was lynched in Jharkhand. »
The Child Welfare Committee has directed the Dehat police station in-charge to lodge FIR against the aunt of the girl »
The BJP leader who was at the post of media and communications department in BJP's MP unit, comes from RSS background. »
'If I wear Saffron, will you call me Sadhvi? Respect for Bhagwa (saffron) must come from within. Don't allow its misuse' »
Apart from appointing undeserving candidates in the varsity, he is accused of embezzling university funds. »
Samjhauta Express terror attack case collapsed & three all investigative agencies could never catch the trio. »
Despite provisions in the Constitution and the RTE Act, little has been done to make native language as medium of instruction »
Riyaz Iqbal who was Superintendent of Police (SP) has been transferred & attached to the police headquarters. »
Government has said that there would be stern action and the martyrdom of the CRPF jawans won't go in vain. »
Around 65 persons were killed while over 50,000 had to leave their houses & live in relief camps due to the riots. »
Saharia tribal live in these villages in Madhya Pradesh. The girls are now studying and would be married after they turn 18. »
Some community members had earlier also made a similar demand but it was rejected. Now the aim is make it into a political demand. »
AMUSU secretary Huzaifa Amir said that these parties must give due representation to Muslims. »
Hindustani Muslim Dalit Morcha or Hamdam Party says that it will fight for rights of these sections and become their voice. »
Measles and Rubella are debilitating and often life threatening infections, mostly affecting kids and preventable with vaccination »
Has controversial IPS officer and former Bastar IG SRP Kalluri got a 'reward' in the form of his new posting? »
Major Prafulla Moharkar, 32, was among the four of Indian Army who were killed in ceasefire violation by Pakistani troops in Rajouri district on December 23, 2017 »
This verdict has come nearly 34 years after the massacre in the national capital that led to killings of thousands of Sikhs. »
Potholes are a big problem even on National Highways and State Highways, that are supposed to be maintained well. »
Media reports gave an impression that lakhs were arriving--a frenzy similar to the 80s & 90s but it turned into a damp sqib. »
Meena Diwakar said that they considered the monument a temple and hence they came to offer prayers as per Hindu rituals. »
PM has dedicated to nation the statue of Congress leader and India's first home minister who had banned RSS. »
Activists have expressed outrage that even suspects linked to ABVP were not even once interrogated in custody. »
The complainant claimed that he requested her to remove the tweet but when she didn't respond, he filed FIR. »
In a state like Chhattisgarh where victory margins are less, the tie-up between Ajit Jogi and Mayawati can work wonders. »
'Achche Din' are yet to arrive and as government has failed to check rising prices, there is a growing disenchantment. »
She has asked editors to realise magnitude of the situation & understand how mainstream media's credibility has got eroded. »
A minor girl had managed to escape & informed police. During raid, police had found aphrodisiacs used by the 67-year-old. »
The Union minister had arrived for the inauguration of road projects and announcements about National Highways but what he witnessed was something else. »
There is nothing in the probe report to explain how the high-level security was breached and how weapons reached the suspected SIMI men. »
Most of the accused have links with right-wing extremist groups. One of them was involved in hoisting Pakistan's flag to create tension in the past. »
Selected youngsters are oriented and trained to work on projects of their choice for children of their community »
Significantly, the dip in MMR recorded by the state is for the first time higher than the national average (37 points) »
The representatives of these media houses agreed to run campaigns that could lead to polarization in society. »
With elections round the corner, chief minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan has made the announcement. »
Do saints need the status of minister? Happens in Madhya Pradesh. Now, they don't talk of scam once they get the status and perks. »
This is private visit of Clinton to MP on invitation of Richard Holkar, scion of the erstwhile Holkar kingdom, mainly to Maheshwar. »
'Syria has become a battlefield for super powers. India, a major world power must use its influence to stop the killings' »
'Pushpak Viman', surgery on Lord Ganesha and telecast of Mahabharat to Dhritrashtra are examples of technological advancements in the past. »
The man was kept confined in the pantry car for half-an-hour and thrashed. Now, 12 persons have been arrested in this regard. »
Shreyansh Yadav, 45, ended life in Tikamgarh while octogenarian Ramcharan Kushwaha killed self in Guna district of MP »
Caste groups form their own ‘Sena’ and put up demands. If these demands are not met, they will not abide by law, not even the Supreme court »