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These girls take the risky ride twice everyday, all for the sake of education, which they hope would change their lives for the better. »
The two-year-old boy, kidnapped from district hospital had been rescued by Kotwali police in Agar Malwa within 24 hours of the incident. »
When the boy's mother asked her to cover head, the girl refused. The row took both sides to police station and cancellation of marriage. »
'Dash Avtar' is better than Darwin's theory and stem cell research took place in India many millennia ago, claimed speakers. »
After historians came out to protest against the blatant disregard shown towards historical facts, action was taken. »
Concerned that employees spent entire day in office and don't come in contact with sun, the officer has issued the order. »
Director General of Police (DGP) OP Singh has said that they would explore possibility of opening creche at police lines. »
Donna is the first woman in the world in the last 55 years to get the award. Marie Curie got it in 1903. »
Gwalior was a strong base for right-wing hardliners in the era and the city has the ignominious link to the murder. »
Tucy later informed that he has also vowed to give a brick of gold for the proposed Ram temple. He said that he apologised for the past acts. »
The book is a treat for anyone who loves the city, Lucknow, and has interest in its history and culture. »
The child leaves parents and severs family ties to go for a tough life amid monks. Hindi papers term it 'historic' event. »
It seems strange but a man named 'Chhabbis January' faces innumerable problems due to his unique name. »
Pooran Ahirwar was driving the tanker on Jabalpur highway, when while trying to save a two-wheeler rider, the driver lost control over the steering. »
Swaroopanand Saraswati said that if Faruqui carried 'paduka' due to belief, then it was fine but if she had to do it as a Collector, then it is questionable. »
Large crowd gathered to see the cricketer in Sheopur town in Madhya Pradesh. Berserk fans invade ground, selfie requests irk the pacer. »
The families of the girls said that they had taken the vow and decided to take 'deeksha' voluntarily. »
At a time when deaths of cows has often incited only violence in different parts of the country, the death of this cow caused only deep sorrow »
Families were slapped fine at the rate of Rs 250 per day per member and the total fine in case of two families came to Rs 75,000 each »
She belongs to Bhopal and has lived most part of her life in the City. Currently, she is managing director of Zain's international company in Malaysia. »
The aim is that gays get equal respect and dignity in the society and that there should be no discrimination with them. »
The comparative studies of animals on how they develop from an egg and how they perceive their surroundings have helped us understand the very nature of our existence. »
About 50 leaders had gathered at Sanchi for 'faith leaders’ dialogue on newborn care and immunisation’ organised by NGO Spandan with support of UNICEF, MP »
Bhaiyyuji Maharaj had quit public life recently and had stopped meeting politicians and his high-profile disciples. »
The couple's rented house in Begumganj is locked with belongings inside and their car found abandoned in a battered condition »
Availability of hot cooked meal also emerged as a concern while access to anganwadis was rated as satisfactory by citizens. »
The oral vaccine is to be given to kids under age of one year as part of the routine immunisation programme »
Either it was the language or the costumes, the play successfully portrays the culture and lifestyle of the walled city. »
The district level officials of Ashoknagar rode bicycles to attend the weekly public hearing at the collectorate in a bid to set example. »
The smiling, flat faced and sad emojis are painted on houses with healthy, malnourished and severely malnourished children respectively »
When I saw kids suffering from ailments of kidney or heart, and government bearing cost of treatment, I was touched, he says. »
The popular Bhagoriya fest came alive in a special way in Mandu - the historic fort city in Dhar district of Madhya Pradesh »
They had earlier steered the goods train and have now graduated to the next level. »