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Bhopal: Boy was murdered by tuition teacher who had illicit relations with his mother

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The schoolboy who had been found murdered in Bairagarh township in Bhopal was killed by his tuition teacher who allegedly had illicit relations with his mother.

The victim, Bharat alias Kartik, 8, was strangulated to death by the accused—Vishal Rupani alias Bittu, who gave him tuitions. There was already suspicion and the CCTV footage clearly nailed him.

The camera photos show him taking the kid along to a shop selling LED bulbs, then coming out with the kid’s body bundled inside the gunny sack and taking a bike to dump the body.

According to the police sources, Vishal had come close to the kid’s mother and they would talk for hours over phone at night.

Vishal wanted her to marry him but she refused. This also led to tension in the woman’s household. Also, both the families lived nearby and when everyone came to know about the relations, there was an enmity between the families. Subsequently, Vishal had threatened her that if she didn’t come to him, he would take such revenge that it will destroy the family.

On January 8th, the kid had gone missing. While his sister returned from school, he didn’t come. Subsequently, police were approached. After the FIR was lodged and inquiry began, there were several inputs about Vishal’s role. He was caught and questioned. Subsequently, he spilt the beans.

During interrogation, Vishal said that he had brought the kid to the shop in Krishna complex in the afternoon. He remained in for around 27 minutes. He strangled the kid with shoe laces and stuffed boy in a sack. Later, he disposed off the body at Parvalia.