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Bhopal Gas tragedy survivors detained for campaigning against BJP in Mungaoli by-poll

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Five Bhopal gas tragedy survivors were detained by the Ashok Nagar police on Friday while they were pasting posters on ‘false promises’ by chief minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan made to the survivors.

The survivors were reportedly held at the Mungaoli police station for five hours, they claimed.

When they asked the reason for detention, the police station in-charge reportedly told them that they were campaigning against government and this would not be allowed.

Rachna Dhingra of Bhopal Group of Information and Action asked in a press statement whether the chief minister was so scared of the campaign of the gas victims against BJP that he got the survivors detained.

She said that an application was duly presented before the local tehsildar to seek permission to put up posters and distributing pamphlets, but it was denied on the ground that this would cause ill will and disrupt peace.

“The chief minister is using entire administration to ensure that the truth about BJP’s false promises does not come out,” the survivors have said.

Earlier, on Thursday in Bhopal, leaders of five gas tragedy survivors’ organizations said that they will be focusing on the false promises made by BJP leaders on the issue of compensation to the Bhopal gas victims in their voter education programme in the impending by-polls.

They plan to share copies of official documents with the electorate in the two areas to substantiate their allegations of betrayal by BJP politicians. 

“The by-elections will be our first step in making long pending issues of the gas disaster part of the state and national elections this year and the next. At Mungaoli and Kolaras we hope to provide the critical edge to ensure the defeat of BJP on both the seats,” the leaders said.