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Childbirth gets safer for MP women; maternal mortality shows significant dip of 21%

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Special Correspondent

BHOPAL: Childbirth seems to have become quite safer for Madhya Pradesh women over past few years, with the maternal mortality ratio (MMR) showing significant dip of 48 points (21%) in duration of 2014-16, compared to period of 2011-13.

Significantly, the dip in MMR recorded by the state is for the first time higher than the national average. For India, the MMR went down to 130 from 167 in corresponding period.

The MMR is the number of women who succumb to complications related to pregnancy or childbearing in a given year per one lakh live births in that year. It showcases the quality of maternal health and safe childbirth services available in state as well as the health status of women of state.

The special bulletin on MMR for 2014-16, released by the Registrar General of India (RGI) on Monday, shows that the combined MMR in MP/Chhattisgarh has gone down to 173 from 221 in period 2011-13.

Between 2010-12 and 2011-13, the state had shown just 9 point dip (from 230 to 221). But, before that in 2010-12 MP and Chhattisgarh had shown considerable dip of 39 points compared to the period 2007-09 (230 from 269). In this period the national average of MMR dip was 34 points.


The best performer in country for 2014-16 is Kerala with MMR of merely 46, quite lower than the national average. The worst performer is Assam with MMR of 237.

However Assam did very well as far as reduction rate is concerned as it showed a whopping dip of 63 points, also 21% (237 from 300).

MP still remains the fifth worst performers among states behind Assam, UP (201), Rajasthan (199) and Odisha (180).


Michael Juma, chief of UNICEF MP office said “This is profound achievement in health indicator as the State has remarkably attained over 20% decrease in MMR, which is a step in right direction. Yet any death recorded is unfortunate and we need to keep up the effort."

Principal Secretary of health department, Gauri Singh said that the achievement was because of focus on holistic approach with involvement of community and village level intervention. Also all paramedical and support staff posts were filled up and quality training provided to them for capacity building. Focus was also on first referral unit services.

“Now that we have got results on the ground, it is a big boost to us and we will strengthen our ongoing efforts for better future,” she added.

(Image courtesy: Reliance Foundation)