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Despicable: Youth murders mother by hitting her head with stone after failing to rape her

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Special Correspondent

In a shocking incident, a woman was murdered by her drunkard son after he failed in his bid to rape her. The incident occured in Kailaras of Morena district four days ago, but the accused son Suraj Mittal was arrested on Monday. The woman was beaten up severely by the inebriated youth and her head smashed in with a heavy stone. 

Police sources said that the body of Laxmi Mittal was found at her home in Kailaras town on October 7 morning. The forensic team that conducted investigation concluded that someone had attempted to rape or raped the victim before murder. It was also concluded that the woman had strongly resisted the rape bid and was beaten up.

Police got suspicious of Laxmi’s 24-year-old son Suraj, who is known to be alcohol addict. Laxmi’s husband Prabhudayal had passed away eight years ago and she was staying with her son. Suraj would often get into fights with his mother.

On the night of October 6 too, neighbours had heard noises of fighting from the household. Police earlier suspected that some friend of Suraj might have been involved in crime. But sustained interrogation caused Suraj to reveal that he tried to rape his mother under influence of liquor and killed her when she resisted.

The accused son said that he went to the first floor room of his mother under influence of liquor and tried to form physical relations with her. She resisted strongly and an irate Suraj beat her up severely. Then he got a big stone and hit her with it, killing her. He then went to sleep.

Superintendent of police Aditya Pratap Singh said that the bloodstained clothes of the accused and the stone used for the crime have been confiscated.