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Drunk DSP assaulted for injuring two persons, shoes places on head, video goes viral in MP

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GWALIOR: A deputy superintendent of police (DSP), who was allegedly in a drunken state, was beaten up and publicly humiliated after he hit two persons with his jeep.

The incident occurred in Gwalior. The police official was driving his official jeep, recklessly. There were two more persons in the vehicle and all of them seemed to be drunk.

The jeep hit two persons who were standing with their handcarts in the market. The officer—RS Mogania, who is a DSP, was coming down the Birla Nagar railway bridge. The jeep climbed the footpath and subsequently hit two persons who were selling goods on the roadside.

The duo—Vishnu and Mahesh Pal got hurt. When the jeep came to halt, people saw that there was just one officer inside the jeep and he was in such a condition that he was not even able to stand properly.

This angered the people, who beat up the officer. They tore his clothes and also placed his shoes on his head, before shooting a video. The officer was assaulted as well.

Later, the police were informed about the incident. The officials from the Hazira police station reached the spot. The DSP was saved from the irate public and was taken away. The video also went viral, as people started sharing it on social media.

A case was registered in this regard as prima facie the fault was of the police officer. The local officials registered a case of mishap and he was allowed to go after medical examination. Mogania is posted at the Police Training School at Tighra.

A day after the incident, several persons have been booked for the assault with the officer. Those booked include Mahesh Pal, Ranjit Chauhan and Sunil Rathor amongst others. Apart from these three people, seven others have been booked under the Prevention of Atrocities on SC/ST Act. The police are also trying to identify these persons through the footage of the viral video.