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Elderly couple committed suicide after false rape case, now report reveals 7-yr-old was not raped

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INDORE: An elderly couple had committed suicide over allegations of rape with a seven-year-old girl but now it has been revealed that the girl was not raped.

The case was registered on the basis of allegations made by the minor girl's mother.

Upset over the allegation and feeling humiliated, the couple--Gunwant Bhide, 61, and Vandana, 60, had left home consumed poison in a hotel room. Both of them had died.

But the medical report has now revealed that the girl was not raped. This incident had occurred in Indore. The couple used to run a creche for children. The creche was run for almost forty years.

However, on January 17, a woman had a row with the couple. She had alleged that her children were scolded. Later, she had threatened to lodge an FIR, says the deceased couple's kin. Subsequently, the couple had left home.

The woman had alleged that her daughter was sexually abused and made a formal complaint with the police. Apparently depressed at the turn of events, the couple left Indore. Five days later, they committed suicide in a hotel in Barwani town.

The bodies were found in the hotel room. Now the medical examination report says that there was no rape. The case of suicide is being investigated in Barwani, where the couple had ended life.

The couple's kin have said that the police were careless in investigation and registered a false case that resulted in the deaths. "Had the police tried to locate them after we reported their disappearance, they may have been alive", they alleged.