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EVM manipulations through 'reserved' machines kept in custody of local officials in MP!

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Shams Ur Rehman Alavi

BHOPAL: Congress leaders seem to have cracked the code about how EVM 'tampering'--in fact, manipulation, is possible and have decided to get to the bottom.

The key is not tampering in invidiual machine but manipulating the system--the power of local officials and the use of 'reserved EVMs' that are in custody of officials.

CM designate Kamal Nath has clearly said that he would get it forensically examined and studied. He has told journalists that when an EVM develops fault or doesn't work, the reserved EVM is brought and it is often 'fixed'.

The realisation came after Congress lost surprisingly in a big way in Vindhya--its stallwarts and popular leaders lost, and it is the region where most complaints of EVM malfunctions were received apart irregularities in taking EVMs apart from machines reaching late and other aspects.

The party expected that it would win in Vindhya and it's victory would have been massive in that case. Local reports suggested there was voting for Congress but even tall leaders like Ajay Singh lost.

Why it is necessary to clear all doubts in EVM functioning

Interestingly, whenever there is talk of 'EVM tampering' people feel that machines can't be tampered or that losers cry about EVM tampering. The fact is that nothing is foolproof and if EVMs are fine, those handling them are humans--not always under the watch and not everything recorded.

Basically it's about those trying to break 'system' anyhow--role of local, pliant officials in far-flung areas & EVMs kept reserved with them. Loopholes exist in every system and process. It is possible that raising more awareness and keeping the heat on, there will be more scrutiny in order to ensure free and fair elections, and for the future of our democracy.