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Hike in petrol prices, inflation cause of growing disenchantment with BJP government

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NEW DELHI: The bandh call given by the Congress got substantial response in different parts of the country.

In BJP ruled states too, traders kept shutters down in many cities. 

This suggested that the hike in petrol-diesel prices has hurt the Centre. 

There was impact in Rajasthan, MP, Bihar, Chhattisgarh, Maharashtra, Odisha, Telangana and Karnataka. Protests were held in cities across these states. Clearly, there is a growing disenchantment with the BJP government. 

The expectations of 'Achche Din' remain unfulfilled. Instead, people are suffering because of the steep rise in prices, inability of government to create more jobs and the hike in petrol prices. 

In all, 21 opposition parties had supported the bandh. Hence, there were demonstrations across India. The opposition workers stopped trains at several places. The BJP government in Rajasthan decided to cut VAT, after the uproar over fuel prices.

However, other BJP governments are unmoved. Centre has said that it can't do anything about petrol prices that are linked to the international market. It has termed the bandh, 'a failure'. However, Congress and opposition cadre appears energized with the response.