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'I saw farmers in my dreams', says Shivraj as he ends fast, Opposition call it 'scripted drama'

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BHOPAL: Chief minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan ended his 'indefinite fast' within 28 hrs. 

The decision was taken apparently after BJP high-command sternly asked him to end the fast immediately, according to party insiders.

There was wide criticism of the move as Shivraj Chouhan who heads the state government and hence in a position to deliver or take decisions, was himself sitting on a fast. Six farmers died in police firing during the statewide protests by farmers for fair prices of their produce.

Chouhan had started the 'indefinite fast' on Saturday. But ended it on Sunday. He said that he saw farmers in his dreams and would take all necessary steps to solve their problems.

"After he was requested by thousands of farmers and also political leaders, he decided to end the fast", said an official statement issued by the government on Sunday. 


The opposition has condemned the move and said that it was nothing but extravagance--lakhs spent to build the dome in which Shivraj Chouhan sat for just over a day. 

Chouhan had said that he would run the government from the ground (dome in the ground) rather than working from the State secretariat. He said it in wake of firing and farmers' protests across MP.

On Sunday, Congress' state chief Arun Yadav said that Chouhan should have instead gone to meet the victims who died in firing in Mandsaur but remained in Bhopal. "It shows how he is insensitive towards the farmers' sufferings'. He said that it was 'scripted drama'.

Aam Aadmi Party has also condemned the CM for the fast and the quick decision to end it. Meanwhile, Yogendra Yadav, Medha Patkar and many others were stopped in Ratlam and were not allowed to proceed to Mandsaur.