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Indore: Showrooms selling Chinese goods attacked, traders warned of severe consequences

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INDORE/BHOPAL: Showrooms with signboards of Chinese brands and those selling Chinese goods were targeted in Indore on Thursday. 

Members of a group, Jai Hind Rashtra Sangathan, who were armed with baseball bats, attacked and smashed the shops.

They first targeted a showroom on Sapna Sangeeta road that had signboard of a Chinese company. Subsequently, they smashed other showrooms also. 

The group leader Rajesh Shirodkar said that already warning had been issued to traders. "They had been warned not to sell goods made in China, yet they keep storing and selling such brands", he said 

Shirodkar said that China is behaving belligerantly and after capturing Indian market, it is now eyeing the land. "They must be taught a lesson", he told journalists. The group members said that if goods continue to be stocked, sold and advertised, there would be even more attacks.

The group members said that next time it would not be limited to breaking signboards or smashing the shop, but there would be seere consequences. On condition of anonymity members said that goods (and showrooms selling them) could be set afire too. 

"We again warn the traders. They must mend the ways and support boycott of Chinese goods", a member of the group said.The police came much later and asked members to refrain from creating ruckus. However, no action has been taken so far against the group members.