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Insensitivity on display again: Father forced to carry daughter’s body on bike in Shahdol

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Special Correspondent

BHOPAL/SHAHDOL: Insensitivity of the government system was on display again on late evening of Tuesday in Shahdol district, when a father was forced to carry the body of his little daughter on bike after failing to get a hearse van/ambulance from district hospital.

After intervention of the media, the local civil surgeon did provide an ambulance, but by that time, the distraught father had already travelled more than halfway to his village with the body.

Preeti Yadav, five-year-old daughter of Mahesh Yadav of Chinnaudi village in Burarh, developed health problem at home on Tuesday afternoon and was taken to the local health facility.

She was however referred to the district hospital. By time her father and maternal uncle took her to district hospital, her condition had deteriorated and the doctors declared her dead.

Yadav tried to arrange for a government vehicle to carry the body of his daughter back home, but without success.

Disappointed, he started for his home on his motorcycle, the girl’s uncle holding her body between them.

The media got to know about the issue and contacted the civil surgeon, who then arranged for an ambulance to be sent out. However, by then, Yadav had already travelled quite far.