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Madarsa students take out huge rallies on Independence Day in Bhopal

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BHOPAL: Madarsa students took out huge rallies in the State capital on the occasion of Indepenence Day. 

Carrying national flag in their hands and photographs of freedom fighters, the kids walked the streets of Bhopal.

There were different rallies and the patriotic fervour was in the air.

The photographs include that of leaders from Mahatma Gandhi to Nehru, Tipu Sultan to Dr BR Ambedkar, Indian National Army's General Shahnawaz Khan to Bhagat Singh, 

Apart from madarsas that function under the state government's madarsa board, the students of private madarsas also took part in the rally taken out at the call of Madhya Pradesh Muslim Vikas Parishad (MPMVP).

Posters of freedom fighters of different era--ranging from entire spectrum, were carried in the rally. "We always take out rallies. Our aim is to ensure that the young generation gets to know about the sacrifices of the freedom fighters", said Mohammad Mahir of the MPMVP.

He further said that there were leaders belonging to diverse school of thoughts and the new generation must know their names and contribution. "It is strange that just because government orders Madarsa board, the media seems to focus on rally. Madarsa students have always taken out such rallies and celebrate the day with patriotic fervour", he added.