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Man beaten after video of him washing meat in holy river goes viral in Madhya Pradesh

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BHOPAL: A man was beaten by right-wing groups after he was found washing meat in Narmada river.

The incident had occurred at Kori Ghat in Hoshangabad town of Madhya Pradesh, recently.

Raju Kori, 46, was washing meat. Some local residents asked him not to wash it here but he didn't listen.

Subsequently, someone made a video of him washing the meat. This was shared on WhatsApp. Soon right-wing Hindu group members reached the 'ghat'.

Kori was beaten on the spot. They kept thrashing him and took him to the police station. He apologised but they didn't relent.
In fact, there was a row as two separate groups wanted to take credit that who had caught and brough him to police station.

Brahmin Sena said that they had caught him w hile Bajrang Dal claimed that its office-bearers had brought him to police station. The police are conducting a probe in this regard. [Photo courtesy]