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Man who raped, murdered five-month-old baby in Indore to be hanged; judgment comes within three weeks

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INDORE: The man who raped and murdered a five-month-old child in Indore after abducting her last month, will be hanged.

Navin Gadge, the accused, has been held guilty by the court. 

This incident had occurred on April 20. Gadge had abducted the child who was sleeping with her mother, at night. 

He took the child to a nearby building and raped the baby for 15 minutes in the basement of the structure.

Later, he murdered the child. The investigators said that Gadge killed the baby as she was crying. He threw her from the stairs and her head hit the floor, resulting in the death.

The CCTV cameras helped the investigators and he was identified soon after the crime. Ironically, he was related to the child. 

HORRIFIC: Man rapes five-month-old child, murders her in Indore, arrested

The police had arrested him a day after the crime. When hearing began in the court, the judge conducted proceedings on a daily basis and within three weeks--in fact 18 working days, the court gave its judgment. 

The court awarded him death penalty, that he has to be hanged by noose till death. In fact, the court ordered him to be hanged to death twice, in view of the nature of the monstrous crime.

This incident had led to an outrage in Madhya Pradesh. The state leads in crimes against women, especially, rapes and molestations. Nearly 4,500 rapes are reported in MP every year, on an average.