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MP man who killed cow, got light punishment of holy dip in Ganga, now faces 7-year jail prospects

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BHOPAL: A man who killed a cow but initially got a light punishment from the local panchayat, is now in serious trouble.

The cow owner, Shankar Ahirwar, was unhappy with the local panchayat's decision and has lodged complaint to police.

Now, Mohan Tiwari, the man accused of killing cow, has been booked and if convicted, faces up to seven years' imprisonment under the stringent cow protection law in Madhya Pradesh.

The incident has occurred in Dumbar settlement in Tikamgarh district in the State. The complaint, Shankar Ahirwar, a Dalit, alleged that Mohan Tiwari, 40, killed the cow. Ahirwar's cow often grazed into the fields of Tiwari.

This had apparently angered Tiwari who in a fit of rage attacked the animal with sharp weapon. The cow got injured and later succumbed to injuries. The news of cow's death spread in the entire settlement.

The community panchayat said that Tiwari had committed a sin. They punished him with a dip in Ganga and ordered him to have feast for the entire village. However, Ahirwar was not satisfied with the decision. He felt that the accused was punished lightly.

Locals say that after some people told him that the upper castes community decision was not in his favour because he was a Dalit and wouldn't help him as he had lost the bovine and there was no 'settlement' (compensation) while the accused would get away lightly, and hence he decided to approach authorities.

Also, some members of VHP and Bajrang Dal, told him that cow killing is a bigger sin and punishment should have been harsher. Meanwhile, Tiwari had left for Allahabad to take a dip in the Ganges. But before he could return, Ahirwar decided to approach police.

After his complaint, the Baldeogarh police have now registered a case under the stern Madhya Pradesh Cow Protection Law. If convicted, the accused, Mohan Tiwari faces seven years in jail under the amended law.

He has also been booked under Indian Penal Code and could get five year jail term under it. The post-mortem report confirmed cow died of injuries. The local police have begun investigation.