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Muslim boy expelled from school over beard, official action forces school to backtrack

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BHOPAL: A teenaged boy was harassed and later expelled from the school because he had a slight beard.

The school principal kept forcing him to shave and finally asked me to leave the school.

However, the family took up the matter with higher authorities and official action was taken, forcing the principal to apologise.

The incident has occurred in Madhya Pradesh. Mohammad Tausif, who lives in Phoota Maqbara locality in Bhopal, studies in higher secondary in the school.

The head master RK Samele had noticed that Tausif had a light beard. He objected to it and asked him to remove it. Later, the boy was even asked to leave the school.

But Tausif’s father took up the matter with officials of district administration. He made a written complaint to the officials.

The school authorities were taken to task and the boy was taken back into the school. However, recently once again the boy was warned that unless he shaved, he would not be allowed to sit in the examination.

The school is run by the West Central Railways Employees Social Welfare Centre. When social organizations and local leaders came to know about the incident, the issue came to centre stage.

They asserted that they will take up the case to the court. “The Supreme Court guidelines are clear in this regard. Student can’t be barred by the school because of beard”, said Congress leader Arif Masood.

With Education department officials taking cognizance, the boy has finally been allowed to appear in the examination. Minister of State for Education Deepak Joshi later told media that he would take action in the case.

There have been rise in such incidents. If the boy is again harassed after examination, we will take the fight to the next level and ensure that the principal is removed”, said a Bhopal-based social activist.