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NHRC team visits Bhopal Central Jail to inquire into allegations of torture with SIMI suspects

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The team of National Human Rights Commission (NHRC) that has arrived to conduct probe into charges of torture with suspected SIMI under-trials, made a visit to the Bhopal Central Jail today.

The members of the team went to the jail, met the prisoners and spoke to them about the conditions in the jail. They also spoke to the staff of the jail regarding the charges.

The family members of the prisoners had also come to Bhopal to meet the NHRC tem and informed them about the grievances and told the latter about the alleged torture in the jail. They gave it in writing to the team members.

The charges range include that of continuous torture, solitary confinement, abuse, insulting religion and religious texts apart from denial of proper food and medication, waking up prisoners in the middle of night to beat them all of a sudden.

The family members had earlier also written to NHRC. Recently, one of these youths allegedly attempted to commit suicide in jail. The team would not stay in Bhopal, make visits to jail, speak to prisoners, jail staff as well as kin of the prisoners.

The team had earlier also arrived in Bhopal and had visited the jail. It had submitted a report with the state government. But the report has not been released as yet. Activists say that the state government should bring the report in public.