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'Revenge commission to act against BJP leaders when Congress returns to power in Madhya Pradesh'

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BHOPAL: Congress leader KK Mishra created a stir on Thursday when he spoke about revenge commission when Congress returns to power in Madhya Pradesh. 

Mishra, the chief spokesperson of the Madhya Pradesh Congress, said that he has demanded the commission to take action against BJP leaders who targeted Congress workers and tried to destroy them.

"When we were the ruling party, we never misused power but the BJP has been going for a witch-hunt, it targets Congress' dedicated workers who have stood with the party. Hence, I spoke about the Commission", he said, while talking to media persons. 

KK Mishra said that he has demanded revenge commission because Congress workes and those supporting the party have been targeted during the BJP regime.

"I am not going to ask for a ticket for Assembly election or any other personal benefit". "I have just demanded that the commission should be instituted", he said. Later in the day, he justified his demand and said that the senior party leaders have been apprised about his views.

Mishra has been an outspoken leader who took on CM Shivraj Chouhan over scams, particularly, Vyapam and Dumper scams. Chouhan had dragged him to the court also for defaming him (CM) and his family.