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'Rise in rape cases because of RSS workers who don't marry and commit such acts'

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BHOPAL: The rise in incidents of rapes is because of Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) workers who don't marry and commit such acts, said a senior Congress leader in Madhya Pradesh.

Manak Agarwal, who is Congress' media in-charge in Madhya Pradesh, said that incidents of rapes are increasing and in many cases, the culprits are arrested but later released when they pay the money.

"In most of these cases, BJP-RSS workers and involved. They don't marry and commit such acts", he said.

"I am saying it openly and I don't talk without any proof", said Agarwal, who was addressing a press conference in Itarsi.

"Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan says that all the women and girls in the state are his sisters and nieces but why has the situation worsened so much that he is unable to check incidents of rapes and sexual assaults", he added.

Reacting to Agarwal's statement, BJP leaders said that it was an objectionable statement. MP BJP spokesman Rahul Kothari said that after many years of being out of political limelight, Agarwal made the statement in order to get attention.

He said that RSS workers are like saints and involved in nation-building and such statements against them, show the mental bankruptcy of the Congress leader.