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'Stop police harassment of Hindu families from Pakistan's Sindh who are staying in MP'

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BHOPAL: Stop harassment of Sindhi families who arrive here from Pakistan.

Sindhi groups in Madhya Pradesh, have raised this demand.

They have urged Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan to ensure that Hindus from Sindh are not made to suffer harassment at the hands of police.

The Akhil Bharatiya Sindhi Samaj has shot a letter to the Chief Minister that Sindhis (Hindus) who arrive in India from Pakistan should not be harassed by police.

The organisation members said that a family from Pakistan that arrived on long-term visa was booked by Bhopal police recently.
The organisation. Earlier, the Chief minister had said that Hindus from Sindh (Pakistan) won't be harassed and they are free to live in MP anywhere and work.

The organisation insists that Sindhis were assured repeatedly that those who have arrived on long-term visas would be rehabilitated in MP and won't face problems, yet, CM's directives are not being followed.

The national president Trilok Deepani, vice-president Prakash Mirchandani, spokesperson Suresh Jaswani, state head JP Moolchandani are amongst those who have reminded CM of his promise.

Last year, a programme was organised in Samanway Bhawan where members of nearly 100 families from Sindhi who are currently living in Bhopal and Indore, had tied 'raksha sutra' on Shivraj Chouhan..